As part of its mandate, ELSE continues to develop opportunities that help to promote advocacy, further develop renewable energy skills and knowledge as well as to engage its members with the industry. Through ELSE Programs, members are able to connect directly with the industry through both one-on-one connections as well as keeping on top of industry trends and technologies.

Currently, ELSE runs two programs: the Solar Ambassadors Program and the Mentorship Program.

The Solar Ambassadors Program (SAP) is directed at supporting its fellow solar and renewable energy advocates throughout secondary institutions across Canada. ELSE provides its SA’s with the tools required to run events and advocacy campaigns on campus. To learn more about SAP, click here.

The Mentorship Program is designed to give students and upcoming professionals an opportunity to engage with and learn from our industry’s leaders. Through an online forum, ELSE members can browse through a list of industry Mentors and select to meet with one in person or through teleconferencing. To learn more about the Mentorship Program, click here.

Programs Blog

The ELSE Mentorship Program Launch held on July 6th at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto was a HUGE success! We brought together an incredible mix of mentors & mentees for an interactive evening of networking, group discussions, and Q&A on key topics essential for upcoming professionals to embark on a career in this industry.


ELSE Mentorship Program was successfully launched on July 6th! You can now sign-up & login to view and select a Mentor.

We are looking for experienced professionals in the solar/renewable energy industry, to participate as mentors. The program connects experienced professionals of...

Interested? Apply by November 15th! You can learn more about the rules and requirements here.


The start of a new school year means something different to everyone, but for the ELSE team, it means putting our Solar Ambassadors program into high gear!  This year, the ELSE team has welcomed over 40 Solar Ambassadors (SA’s) to our professional development program, which includes representation from various provinces throughout the country. To date, there are three chapters that are formally recognized as student clubs on their campuses (University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, and...