ELSE @ SolarWest 2015

Earlier this month, this year's SolarWest conference took place in Calgary, Alberta. It brought together a wide array of industry professionals, policy makers, and academics to explore the burgeoning solar energy market and discuss strategies and opportunities in Alberta. As an example of the awesome insight offered by the expertise at SolarWest, check out the presentation below.


ELSE also had strong representation at the conference, with the closing keynote being delivered by our own co-chairs, Noel McDonald and Mike Skirzynski! Listen to it below:

To learn more about Alberta's brighter energy future check out these presentations on public opinion, market analysis, and CanSIA president John Gorman's opening remarks.

Entrepreneurs in Renewable Energy Series:

What does it take to be an entrepreneur in the renewable energy industry?

How do you identify opportunities? How to get started?

What do you need along the way? How to raise capital?

What motivates entrepreneurs? What to do when you encounter obstacles?

What is the most important quality in an entrepreneur? …

Our speakers will share their personal experiences and give advice for the audience.

This is an event for learning and networking!

Find out more and get your tickets here.


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