The Great Climate Race

Emerging Leaders for Solar Energy is working in collaboration with the Great Climate Race to raise funds for OrcaLab, a world-renowned, research centre situated on a remote island off the BC coast, near Alert Bay, which has been researching orcas and other whales for more than four decades. In 2013, OrcaLab installed a solar system to reduce dependence on gas generators. They are now taking the project further to meet almost all their energy needs using renewable energy only. The OrcaLab solar project is being organized by ELSE and will serve as an educational opportunity for students involved in solar energy.

“We are excited to be working with ELSE to be helping to fund the transition off diesel power for OrcaLab Not only is this good for the climate but the cost savings for the facility can help do more good work monitoring and learning about the resident orcas we all love” said Great Climate Race co-founder Ben West.

“ELSE is participating because we strongly believe that solar energy is one of the most compelling clean energy resources available to us today” said Julie Guérin co-Chair, National Board of Directors at ELSE. “Solar energy creates meaningful employment; contributes to a healthy environment; and it helps meet electricity demands or helps those who are off the grid, like the OrcaLab. We’re very happy to be supporting the Great Climate Race and working towards achieving our goal of raising an additional $16,000 to complete this project.”

ELSE members outside of Vancouver will join others from around the world in The Great Climate Race — International Virtual Race. “with chapters in four provinces, and a presence at 17 Canadian universities and we’ll have upwards of 1000 participants in the race either locally or virtually across the country” said Guérin.

Please visit the ELSE fundraising page or this OrcaLab blog post for more details.