ELSE at the Kids' World Energy Festival

On Saturday May 7th, the 9th annual Toronto Hydro Kids World of Energy Festival was held at Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto. The festival was targeted towards kids in grades 5 and 6 to help them learn about different forms of renewable energy. ELSE held a workshop at the festival to showcase the power of solar energy and how it can be harnessed in a variety of different ways.

To demonstrate, ELSE’s booth had a homemade solar oven that used tinfoil to reflect rays from the sun and make s’mores. This event was a great opportunity for young professionals involved with ELSE to interact with kids in the Toronto area and help get them excited about conservation and renewable energy. The festival day was sunny and warm and all who attended had a great day of fun and education. Both the Kids World of Energy Festival and ELSE’s workshop were a complete success!