Blog #3 – OffGridU

Now that I have gotten my bearings in Nepal and with SunFarmer, it’s time to explain what I’m working on. The project is called OffGridU, an online platform for knowledge sharing.

Why is OffGridU needed?

Solar, wind, and micro-hydro are rapidly being adopted to improve energy access, but all too often systems are poorly designed, installed incorrectly, or not maintained. SunFarmer is launching OffGridU to help share the knowledge and expertise needed for off-grid projects to be successful.

What makes OffGridU different?

Many initiatives exist to share reports and general knowledge about off-grid energy, but few have practical value for developers, installers, and other practitioners. OffGridU will address this by providing a knowledge sharing platform that will connect engineers and entrepreneurs around the world, so they can share the technical knowledge and the quality /safety standards required to make off-grid renewables a reality.

Over the last couple of weeks, the team has been fine-tuning the layout and structure of the platform. We have also begun writing posts about off-grid design, installation and safety. We recently started beta testing the site with a few partners - including a number of ELSE Canada board members - to test functionality and to initiate discussions and content.

This project has the potential to close a large knowledge gap.  It will link professionals willing to donate a little of their time with people around the world who can greatly benefit from their help.

Check out our home page at, and stay tuned for our official launch in December.