The Great Solar Hashtag Hunt

The Great Canadian Solar Hashtag Hunt

We're crowdsourcing a solar meme and we want your brain (power).

CanSIA held a brainstorming session at the Solar Canada conference in December 2014, and the result was three measly hashtags. But we figure ELSE can do better, way better.

The top suggestions were #SolarizeIt, #SolarStrong&Free and #ScoreWithSolar.

So what exactly are we trying to do? Simple: we want your help to come up with an inspiring solar energy-themed hashtag that the industry can use to educate the public. Some popular examples from America are #GoSolar and #VoteSolar. We want to help center the continuing Canadian conversation about solar energy around a common point - and in the world of social media, this equates to a hashtag.

There are a few guidelines: We want to be able to tell a story and to communicate information. It should be authentically Canadian (but a little more advanced then #CanadaSolarEnergy). It should work for a variety of media and social media platforms. Anyone should be able to use the hashtag and understand what it means. Keep it positive and action-oriented. It's about reflecting mutual solar values and conveying a solar feeling - not about selling!

The secret formula boils down to: solar energy + positive subject matter + great storytelling = #ThePerfectHashtag

Ready to share your ideas and comment on your favorites? Great, join our Padlet session below!