The ELSE Projects Committee strives to create new opportunities for ELSE membership as well as support partner organizations through a variety of means including 1) the development of unique, community-based solar projects that raise the profile and education level of solar within Canada;  and 2) increasing Canadian involvement in solar installations providing critical services to developing regions of the world.


The Projects Committee brings significant value to project partners. ELSE has a diverse range of internal expertise that can be drawn upon, all on a volunteer basis, including technical PV knowledge, project finance and development experience, legal experience and communication strategy. ELSE is comprised of young professionals in the solar industry and therefore have strong access to wide network of industry contacts. This network is valuable for its experience and advice, partnership/collaboration opportunities, fundraising opportunities and sources of discounted or donated solar equipment and services for specific projects. Additionally, ELSE has an ability to raise the awareness and profile of a project both independently as well through its close relationship with CanSIA.


ELSE commonly partners with not-for-profit and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), governmental organizations, universities and university/student-led groups, and community organizations but we are keen to discuss all opportunities so please don’t hesitate to reach out.