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ELSE's Emerging Solar Leader Award

ELSE, in collaboration with CanSIA is proud to announce the launch of the Emerging Solar Leader Award. The award is will be presented on December 5th at Solar Canada 2017 in Toronto. 

We want YOU to nominate a person that deserves to be recognized for their contributions to the Canadian solar industry in 2017. Please use our online nomination process. We’ve made it quick and easy because we want to hear from you!

CanSIA 2016 – Thoughts from Joshua Reinhart, a Future Renewable Energy Leader

A few months ago, ELSE contacted the Sustainable and Renewables Engineering Society at Carleton, offering a student a chance to attend the 2016 Solar Canada Conference in exchange for a day of volunteering. As an engineering student and an Electrician, I was excited about the opportunity to meet industry leaders and learn more about Ontario’s solar industry. When I began my electrical apprenticeship in Alberta I wanted to become involved in the renewable energy sector. As an engineering student in Ontario, I had finally found an opportunity.

Interview With Former Green Party Leader Jim Harris

Based on your prior experience with the Green Party what advice would you give to young voters? 


The biggest challenge that we have is…well did you know that more people during the election don’t vote than vote for the winning party. When people say “ohhh you can’t vote for this party or that party”, what they are really saying is that you can’t vote for what you believe in…then people worry because voter turnout is declining. The most important thing is engaging people in politics and in voting. 


With renewable energy specifically is there an issue, or perhaps more than one issue, that you would put at the forefront of discussions for our members? 


Electoral reform. 


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