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Interview With Former Green Party Leader Jim Harris

Based on your prior experience with the Green Party what advice would you give to young voters? 


The biggest challenge that we have is…well did you know that more people during the election don’t vote than vote for the winning party. When people say “ohhh you can’t vote for this party or that party”, what they are really saying is that you can’t vote for what you believe in…then people worry because voter turnout is declining. The most important thing is engaging people in politics and in voting. 


With renewable energy specifically is there an issue, or perhaps more than one issue, that you would put at the forefront of discussions for our members? 


Electoral reform. 

ELSE's Solar Ambassadors

The start of a new school year means something different to everyone, but for the ELSE team, it means putting our Solar Ambassadors program into high gear!  This year, the ELSE team has welcomed over 40 Solar Ambassadors (SA’s) to our professional development program, which includes representation from various provinces throughout the country. To date, there are three chapters that are formally recognized as student clubs on their campuses (University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, and Niagara College). There are also eight schools that have a Solar Ambassador presence (York University, Ryerson University, Centennial College, McMaster University, Queen’s University, Concordia University, UOIT, and the University of Calgary).  To prep for September’s school start, the new and returning SA’s worked alongside the National ELSE SA Committee throughout the summer to develop opportunities to share their love for solar at their respective schools and it was certainly a hit!  Students came in droves to ELSE-sponsored school events and ELSE campus exhibits to learn more about how solar can become a bigger part of their lives, and maybe even a career path.  Following the success of Frosh Week, the ELSE SA chapters are looking to accomplish great things all across Canada this year. From competing in solar design competitions, touring solar manufacturing facilities, hosting a Green Careers conference, to organizing speaker events… there are many things to look forward to as an ELSE SA!

Entrepreneurs in Renewable Energy Series:

What does it take to be an entrepreneur in the renewable energy industry?

How do you identify opportunities? How to get started?

What do you need along the way? How to raise capital?

What motivates entrepreneurs? What to do when you encounter obstacles?

What is the most important quality in an entrepreneur? …

Our speakers will share their personal experiences and give advice for the audience.

This is an event for learning and networking!

Find out more and get your tickets here.


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